Training & Education

Training, Outreach & Education

The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) provides a variety of training programs, seminars, and workshops to improve your skills, teach you to become a facilitative mediator, or help you with communication at work or home. We offer presentations and skill-building workshops for the community on a regular basis or at your request. We can design customized training for your company, work team, or department to address specific issues.

The DRC also provides an in-depth and rigorous Basic Mediation Training and Mediation Practicum for those interested in learning to become a facilitative, interest-based mediator. The Basic Mediation Training provides grounding and foundation in the facilitative model that is used in the dispute resolution centers in Washington and throughout the United States. Training in the facilitative mediation model is very interactive with a mix of theory, discussion, and small group practice to help students integrate the skills. Students may apply for the Mediation Practicum twice a year through a competitive process. The Mediation Practicum program at the Dispute Resolution Center is a highly-regarded, innovative model that provides students with mentoring from experienced senior mediators. More information about the Practicum, as well as the Small Claims Court Intensive Program, can be found here.

A schedule for all trainings can be found on the Classes & Events page.

If you would like to schedule a DRC representative to talk with your community or organization about our services and to learn more about how mediation can resolve conflict and open pathways to better communication, please contact our Training Manager or call (206) 443-9603, ext. 106.