Testimonials from mediation clients

  • This has kept us out of small claims court.
  • Thank you for making a stressful situation better.
  • The mediators did an excellent job listening and sticking to the issues. Mediation helped us to hear and understand where “the other side” was coming from.
  • We were able to come to an amicable agreement. I would tell others that this should be the first resort to resolving a conflict.
  • I was impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the parties resolved their problems. This process was instrumental in clarifying the issues to all parties. I would absolutely recommend mediation.
  • Both mediators were fair to me. My relationship with my neighbor got better and finally we started talking. I would highly recommend this team to others.
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to utilize the service. My highest “kudos” for the professionalism and kindness shown from day one.
  • I am impressed that this worked. Good job!
  • The mediators were really clear and very helpful.
  • The mediators were professional and helped keep both parties focused and positive.
  • This was absolutely great. So much appreciated. Lots worked out. Thank you so much.
  • We thought we had agreed on everything and some issues came up to surprise us. It could have gotten ugly and thanks to the mediation we were able to come to an agreement.
  • Thank you for putting up with us!
  • I appreciate the professional attitude of the mediators.
  • Mediation was definitely the quickest and least expensive way we could have gotten to this resolution.
  • (We had) extremely patient and understanding mediators. Both explained the process and kept everyone focused on reaching an agreement. (I was) very impressed with the service and professionalism. Thanks again for your time.

From training participants

  • The training helped me to envision possibilities in conflict prevention and peacemaking in our community and beyond.
  • Mediation training should be required for everyone—if we practiced these behaviors, there would be no need for mediation and professional mediators.

From small claims court mediation clients

  • The mediation process helps to expand your view of the other party and allows you to make a rational decision.
  • It was a relaxed environment and less stressful than court proceedings.
  • To hear the background and story directly was valuable. The texture and depth are appreciated.
  • This was a comfortable and successful process. We discovered additional information we were not aware of which helped us reach a fair agreement. The mediators were extremely helpful and did a wonderful job.
  • I did not expect to reach such a rapid resolution. Thank you.
  • I feel mediation is going to help all included parties show a better outcome over an actual trial.
  • It is good to understand the other person’s point of view even if no resolution occurs.
  • It was helpful to have an unbiased attitude to negate the escalation of tensions as the discussion continued.