Mediator Qualifications

Mediation is effectiveThe professionals who mediate for the Dispute Resolution Center have received extensive training. All DRC mediators have completed a 36-40-hour classroom training and have graduated from our 2-year practicum where they were mentored by senior-level mediators. The majority of our mediators have advanced training in specialized areas such as family, dissolution, foreclosure, and workplace mediation and many are certified by the Washington Mediation Association. All of our mediators are encouraged to take continuing education classes which are provided by our DRC and other organizations.

The mediators at a Dispute Resolution Center come from a variety of backgrounds including business, government, education, health care, and law. In the facilitative mediation model, the mediators guide the clients through the process to ensure that it is safe, civil, fair, and productive. DRC mediators do not make decisions or provide legal advice or advocate for either party.