Appreciations and Welcomes

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Appreciations and Welcomes

Thanks to all the people who enable the DRC to provide affordable mediation services, starting with the DRC volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to help people of King County resolve their disputes.

We appreciate staff members who have moved on to their next adventures:

  • Patti Dudley, who left in June, after nine years as Executive Director
  • Kevin Coonrod, who left in August to work as an ombudsman
  • Meiko Blosser who leaves her role as Court Manager in late September, but will continue to mediate with the DRC
  • Rachel Brown who leaves her role as Assistant Court Assistant Manager in September and continues as a Court Lead.

Many thanks to all!

And welcome to:

  • Gayle Murdock, formerly a Court Lead, who recently stepped up to the role of Court Manager
  • Ivy Roberts and Jada Berteaux who have joined the DRC as Foreclosure Case Managers.

Great to have you on the team!